Bring Phonics To Life

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This workbook works as a coloring book for the students as their teacher/parent reads the story about each character that represent different phonetic sounds. Each story highlights the words that represent the sounds of each character so they can be properly emphasized when the story is read. Learn from PIRATE PETE and POLLY PARROT who PROTECT and PROVIDE for each other. They are great PARTNERS. This book was written by Jean Binnie, who taught 1st grade for 38 years and used these characters to help her students hear and remember sounds. We just discovered several cases of these wonderful books that we didn't know existed. Stock up and get your copy while supplies last.
This book is intended to show teachers and parents a way to make phonics fun for beginning readers. It will help your students become accustomed to listening for and recognizing letters that make certain sounds. Children must know the alphabet before real instruction of sound and sound rules can begin. You will find, however, that very young children will love the stories and enjoy saying the words, and making the sounds, preparing the way for later learning.
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