Learning Palette Math Resource Kit

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Our Math Resource Kit comes with 8 LP Bases and 30 sets of curriculum, (one each of all six titles from grades 1-5). It is the perfect kit for After-School programs and for a School's Math Coach to be able to pull just the right curriculum to challenge a particular student, or group of students and help them build their confidence in Math. The kit also includes 2 sets of replacement disks. A $426 Value, Save $86! See the individual titles and slide shows for detailed descriptions and previews of curriculum.
With the purchase of each Learning Palette Math or Reading Resource, Class or Custom Class Kit, we are offering a FREE subscription for the online version of Learning Palette for 30 students. The online version offers the same curriculum that we cover with the hands-on version, but it keeps track of what the students have done. * It shows what cards they have completed. * How many they got right. * How long it took them to complete each card, and ... * Stores the image of each completed card, just as though they handed in a corrected homework assignment. * It also gives each student access to the entire library of curriculum, that is 55 Math & Reading curriculum packs, or 660 activity cards, or 7,920 questions. To preview a demo paste the following link into a new tab on your web browser: www.learningpalette.com/demo
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