10 Days to Addition Mastery Student Workbook

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10 Steps to Addition Mastery emphasizes the power of Commutative Properties and includes: - Recording charts and activities to help teach and visualize commutative properties - Strategies for fact fluency - Conceptual explanations of addition - Rapid writing sheets - Story problems - Challenges and reviews - Number family fun sheets

Learning Wrap-up Student Workbooks and Mastery Kits provide all the benefits of Wrap-ups along with a 64-page workbook that utilizes the commutative properties of Addition and Multiplication and the distributive properties of Subtraction and Division to help children understand that learning basic math skills is not nearly as difficult as they think.  Get the books individually or with a set of Wrap-ups for a great value.

Please call us directly to get a quote when you are interested in multiple copies for the classroom.  Significant discounts are available when ordering for classrooms and After School programs.

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